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New England CoDA 7th Tradition Contributions

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To ensure the continuation of CoDA and its services, it is important that each meeting treat its financial contributions to the New England CoDA Alliance (NECoDA) and CoDA Inc. Fellowship Services (CoDA FS) as a high priority. The recommendation is that after paying for rent and literature, it is suggested that excess funds over and above a 2-3 month prudent reserve be distributed to NECoDA and CoDA FS with NECoDA getting 70% and CoDA FS getting 30%. The primary purpose of both the NECoDA and CoDA FS is the work of the 12th Step, that is, they are focused on sharing CoDA information with other codependents.

Here’s what the New England CoDA Alliance does for you with your money:

  • Organizes and hosts New England CoDA Conventions;

  • Organizes and hosts Campfire Connection;

  • Organizes Spring & Fall Assemblies;

  • Provides a local contact for getting out the message to others who are interested;

  • Assists with the starting up of new meetings;

  • Communicates to groups via this website and email newsletter;

  • Funds state delegates to the CoDA Service Conference;

  • Holds monthly business meetings to perform all of the above and to address any issues brough before it by any New England CoDA member.


Fewer than 50% of meetings contribute to NECoDA and CoDA FS. Both offices received less than in earlier years. NECoDA and CoDA FS are there to serve us, but they can’t do it without our financial support.

If you are interested in more details about NECoDA, your state delegate or the New England CoDA Alliance Service Office, please use the Contact information

Contribution checks for each office should be sent to:

CoDA Intergroup, Inc. (70%)

PO Box 152

Agawam, MA 01001-0152

CoDA, Fellowship Service Office (30%)

P.O. Box 33577

Phoenix, AZ 85067-3577

You may also use the Donate button, below

NECoDA works for the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine areas and is now incorporated as CoDA Intergroup, Inc.

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