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Outreach is a vital part of the Co-Dependents Anonymous program. Tradition Five states that “Each group has but one primary purpose - - to carry its message to other codependents who still suffer.” 


We can carry the message to others in many ways such as:

  • placing our name, email and phone number on phone lists at our home group, 

  • making outreach calls to our fellows, 

  • visiting other CoDA meetings in addition to our home group

  • posting flyers, meeting lists and literature (Make sure you ask permission of whomever is in charge.)

    • at houses of worship,

    • in doctors and therapists offices, 

    • at libraries 

    • on community bulletin boards

    • in stores 

    • in the local newspaper and 

    • at the meetings of other twelve-step groups

  • Websites of non-profit recovery clubs, bulletins of venues where meetings are held, etc. 

  • participating in health fairs or recovery gatherings 


If you are interested in giving service in the area of outreach at the Intergroup level, please contact us


We would love to have you! 


Providing service in the area of outreach has helped me work my program and has greatly enhanced my recovery.

                                                                                                                                   – Juliet W. 


 For further information check out the outreach page at

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