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Minutes from Saturday, February 24 Website Committee Meeting

Present were Crystal, Doris, Rob, Juliet and Terry Meeting was started with the Serenity Prayer.

Website Changes

  1. Menu options were in white, now in black, and easier to read.

  2. Sunshine picture logo okay to use. Created for CoDA NE.

  3. Colors are fine. Discussion ensued about maybe changing them, but no.

  4. Linked “Your First Meeting” from our Newcomers button to

  5. Can we create a meeting list by days of the week, with links to

  6. Decision made against it. Right now, we link to National.

  7. We will add the Coda Step Prayers to the Coda Prayers. This will be under a heading “Additional Prayers.” Under this heading will be Coda 12-step prayers and others, possibly including the Colorado Prayer.

  8. Colorado Prayer: Terry will get the wording for the Colorado Prayer and will forward to the board members to look over for possibly using on our site.

  9. Copyright approved logo does not include “To thine own self be true” on it. Crystal will send link to Rob.

  10. “These pages may not have been reviewed, endorsed, or approved by Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc.” Made it larger and darker.

  11. Connect with Us: emails – no one is listed. The Board needs to decide who is going to answer emails. Someone needs to maintain that.

  12. Discussed Upcoming events tab/ vs. Intergroup news.

  13. Folks who have updates need to be able to insert stuff into the website when it is ready so Rob can just to touch-ups. Rob will give us the web address, user name and password so we can post things.

  14. RSVP – folks can go to events list, click on the event, click on more info, register, let folks know if you can make it or not, and then the website will send you a reminder.

  15. Tags to add – Assemblies, workshops, meeting anniversaries.

  16. Business meeting notes – he will add disclaimer to check events to make sure of date of business meeting as it does change.

  17. Business meeting minutes will be archived. Add folders by year. Not sure it is possible.

  18. 7th Tradition – double check access to PayPal account before we go live. Maybe Jim R. can help Doris with that. Doris will get back to Rob for this.

  19. 7th Tradition page changes – New England Intergroup, taking off service office, Drop the Inc. It will just say NE CoDA.

  20. CoDA National Service Office should say CoDA, Fellowship Services Office

  21. Insight Letter – put link to the national reading that comes out every week? That is to Coda Connections. Right now, there is no Insight Committee.

  22. Rob will write a list of places we need to write blurbs for.

  23. GSR Access – Place for private conversations between members. It is basically private bulletin boards. For example, a gratitude list discussion group. Otherwise stuff that we want to share but does not need to be posted on the website. We will put “inactive” behind it for now.

  24. Board needs to review and update the doc. “Trusted Servants of New England CoDA Intergroup” for the purpose of putting the new one on the new website.

  25. We can put on the Volunteering section: Volunteering Service Work in CoDA offers a new dimension of recovery and personal satisfaction through goal-oriented accomplishment, skill development, and Fellowship. There are many ways to be in service to the CoDA Intergroup, below is a list of such opportunities. Many service positions are open in the New England CoDA Intergroup. Links to other CoDA Intergroups – we can put in links to other coda Intergroups and put this disclaimer there: Links to Intergroups – Rob will delete the ones that are no longer active. So, we need to advise Rob of other Intergroups that would be good to add links to. Please add

  26. We need to discuss the process of making it go live, subscription to wix, how many emails we want connected. Emails are almost never used by anyone.

  27. Rob will make a list of things that we need to do before we go live.

  28. Rob will send these lists out. Lists will be discussed at the April 7th business meeting.

  29. Next website meeting will be on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 9:00 am.


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