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Looking for Group to Host Spring Assembly

The New England CoDA Alliance will be holding its Spring Assembly sometime in the next few months. At this point it looks like this will be a Zoom meeting. These assemblies typically have a workshop as well as the business meeting. We are looking for a group to host this assembly: basically, just to provide a workshop as we are looking at a virtual meeting and won’t need a physical location or food, coffee, etc.

The assembly will also provide the opportunity for electing new board members. We currently have an opening for president, as David C., after many years of service for which we are so grateful, has stepped down. Leo C. is the interim president. We also need a secretary and delegates to the CoDA Service Conference (World CoDA). Each state is allowed two delegates, but they must be funded. However, if this year’s CoDA Service Conference is also a virtual meeting that money will not be required. Currently, we have only one delegate who will be staying on; Judi T. from MA. Board members at large can also be voted in, if anyone has a desire to get involved at this level.

CoDA has designated 2021 as the Year of Service. This would be a great time for those of you who have been thinking and not participating in service to get on board. If your group is interested please send an email to

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