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Become a State Delegate to the CoDA World Service Conference

To the CoDA Fellowship of New England,

Please consider expanding your service bubble to the world. The annual CoDA World Service Conference (CSC) for 2020 is scheduled for July 20-23 in Ottawa, Canada. Each New England state (Voting Entity (VE)) is eligible to send 2 delegates to the CSC. Currently there is only one delegate (Massachusetts) from the six New England Voting Entities. The New England CoDA Alliance funds 2 or more delegates, for reasonable travel expenses, to attend the CSC.

If you are interested in becoming the delegate for your state and satisfy the following qualifications please send an email to with your contact information and someone will get back to you.


  • Have worked a CoDA recovery program for at least 2 years

  • Have done service work at the meeting level

  • Have participated at the New England Alliance level

  • Are available to participate from 9-5 on Monday through Thursday, July 20-23, either by being physically present in Ottawa or by participating remotely via the internet

Delegate duties:

  • Be a communication conduit between the CSC and their state's CoDA Fellowship

  • Once the delegate package is available, shortly after 75 days before the start of CSC, solicit feedback from the delegate's Voting Entity Fellowship on all proposed motions so that the delegate can vote their Fellowship's group conscience while at CSC. (Note: Typically, the New England State delegates work together on developing the process for doing this)

  • Vote their Fellowship's group conscience during the CSC

  • Prepare and distribute a report after CSC with the decisions that were made

In Loving Service,

The New England CoDA Alliance Board

Testimonial from a previous delegate:

This is a unique opportunity to work with folks in recovery for several years, helping others in need all over the world. " For me the really cool thing was participating in the democratic process that really makes a difference. This is your chance to make a difference in the world!


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