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2019 CoDA Service Conference Delegates' Report

Implemented test case use of SurveyMonkey to distribute motions and gain consensus from our membership. 31 members

Next Years’ Service Conference shifts to mid-summer in Ottawa, CA on July 19th – 26th

A Committee Chairperson can no longer hold the position AND be a delegate to a VE (voting entity) due to conflict of interest. We have two delegates from CT who are Chairs and will no longer be able to serve Connecticut as delegates.

New motion approved to add 30 seconds reflection prior to vote

New or improved literature was approved for release including:

  • Twelve Tips for Sponsors

  • Getting Started Working Steps 1, 2, and 3 - Using the 30 Questions o Introduction to the 12 Step Study Group

  • “What is CoDA?” Pamphlet

  • “Attending Meetings” Pamphlet

  • “Am I Co-Dependent” Pamphlet

  • “Welcome” Pamphlet

  • “Traditionally Speaking” pamphlet

All CoDA publications will now be published in Spanish within 6 months of publication.

Several states attended as well as Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom with 3 remote Zoom delegates voting and Zoom presentations from Iran, Russia and Ecuador. Some states have 50 – 80 meetings. Iran reported 3000 meetings. World Connections declared they will double meetings in 1 year.

International CoDA receives their funds as follows: 60% from book royalties, 30% from 7th tradition donations, and 10% from Events (like the international CoDA convention).

The following Committees reported out:

  • Service Structure Committee (Evie is chairwoman)

  • Translation Management Committee (Crystal is chairwoman)

  • Hospitals & Institutions Committee (Terry is chairwoman)

  • Finance Committee (Rob is a member)

  • Events Committee (Kathrine T, former chairwoman, is available to assist us)

  • Outreach Committee (Jay G. has offered to help at o CoNNections Committee

  • Communications Committee

  • Literature Committee

  • World Connections Committee

  • Ad hoc Committee

Tiana, Delegate from Massachusetts, helped create a list of available sponsors from the Conference attendees. If people are interested in finding a sponsor, you can email:

The Board changed Chairs & added 2 new members. The publishing arm (CoRE) changed Chairs & added 2 new members.

Upcoming Conferences:

  • The 1st CoDA Cruise is October 5th – 9th, 2020

  • The 2021 Service Convention will be in Rapid City, South Dakota

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