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Attending: Juliet,Crystal, Leo, Evie, Doris, Nancy, Rob, David, Terry

1. Opening Business Meeting: Chair opens the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

2. Last Month’s Minutes: May 2019

3. Group Service Representatives (GSR) Welcome and Update of Meetings:

Bennington: core 4-5 people (two call in for free-conference. Working on step-study on step 7.

Northampton: Women’s meeting; at a lull, attendance down.

Northampton Sunday: averaging 15-20 people. Due to size of the group we are looking at ways to increase sharing time within the guidelines, we may reconfigure the readings.

Westfield: 10-12 attending; open step-study before meeting at 5:15 which is Open to all.

Collinsville CT: 6-10 attending; step-study; newcomers are staying.

Bristol CT: declined enough funds for next 4 months

Littleton MA: 12 attending; step –study after meeting; almost outgrowing the spaceCape Ann MA

Marblehead MA: n/r

Montpelier VT: n/r

Burlington VT: n/r

Claremont NH: new meeting start Sunday 6-8 in community resource center local TV free service ad – ludow ½ hour away

Jamaica Plain – newcomer = no one else show up – no provision for – Rob will contact contacts for meeting

4. Reports from Intergroup Trusted Servants:

A. Treasurer’s Report(Juliet)

Corrected March balance:

Beginning: $12,192.74

Income: $70.00

Exp: $460.19

End of March balance: $12,192.55


Beginning balance: $12,702.06

7thtrad. Income, etc. $101.00

Exp: $95.19

End of April balance: $12,707.87

Corrections for February and Convention Literature to be made

All accounts balancing

C. Communications Reports


D. Events Reports

New England Convention

Venue should be selected by July or convention will be cancelled.

Ashworth is still available but is not handicapped accessible.

Dave - Brattleboro – Hampton Inn

Quality? Inn – previous use of rooms for conference – spill over to Hampton Inn

Hanover NH Hilton

Crowne Plaza Nashua/ bellerica

Framingham / Marlboro / Worcester


Need people to help with Convention, need figurehead

Fall Assembly: Put the word out for late Sept.-October . Rob will ask Littleton group

Littleton agree – providing NECoDA provide help with workshop

content suggestions

will lead meeting

September 28 / all October 5th?

will confirm availability for space

E. Outreach Reports


F. Delegates Report

Mass. delegate - Tiana interested, will be gathering information from fellowship for get out a welcome letter to Mass. Meetings announcing her interest.

4. Reports From Special Committees

Mission statement/bylaws holding place; N/R

5. Old Business/Unfinished Business and Special Orders

Prudent reserve amount of $6,500.00 passed at the Spring assembly.

Literature: remainder pamphlets and coins. We will ask CoRE fro return of items and get reimbursed for our inventory.


6. New Business

Rob will visit all Mass. Meetings

CSC will be held September 9-12 in Atlanta. The convention is from 13-15. Use the website to post the dates.

There is an interest in changing the day and time for the monthly conference call. Rob will explore a poling option.

Evie can do doodle – use Ted’s email list

evenings and blocks on the weekend

are current GSR

are willing to attend an intergroup meeting

roster w contact information – Ted maintains

how do pass on to new Board Members

do want to post on website?

How/Change meeting conference call phone number to one which supports access by computer more intuitive

could not figure out how to access using current information on

Change name of meeting intergroup (confusing) Board (beyond board meeting)

to Business Meeting of the fellowship of the New England Voting Entity Alliance

New England CoDA Voting Entity Alliance – business meeting of its fellowship

abbreviate to New England CoDA Alliance

Region Confusing – not part of formal structure

Alliance group of groups working together

Tabled for discussion next month / fall assembly

How do handle meetings that do not have attendance?

newcomers and returning members showing up at meetings and no one there

full day of workshops

workshops outside the convention– caucus for Voting Entity delegates

issues for State

start working process for next year

delegate elections not guarantee funding by NECoDA

to gather feedback on motions

educating membership

David looking for Venues in Connecticut/ Massachusetts

pilot program this year

8-5 include setup & take down

delegate education in the middle

make days free / donation ?

Evie, Dave, Nancy willing to do meeting outreach

Outreach Program to educate fellowship

Languaging for CoDA World CSC Motions

any time in late July / August for feedback

motions need to be finalized by July 10th

7. Adjournment of the Meeting

The July Board meeting will be held Saturday, July 6 at 9:00 AM.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM

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