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Camping Weekend Fri 7/26 - Sun 7/28


1pm Campground opens

Fellowship-see Viola or Craig-about 5pm

Supper on your own or family style at group shelter

9 PM Meeting & Campfire


Family style group breakfast-will announce

Workshops & 10am Men/Women meeting (volunteer to lead and enjoy the growth.

Other workshops to be announced

*swim, canoe or Fun time or reflection time

6 PM Mealtime FRESH picked corn 5-7 PM We grill the corn and bring your own protein.

9 PM Meeting-Campfire

Campfire & S’mores- we provide


9 AM Men’s & Women’s Meeting

10 AM Gratitude Circle & Closing

Checkout time is 11am !!!!

*Noon- family style lunch those who can stay.

Clear your site, checkout (11am) and come back to shelter if necessary.

Download the registration and mail a check, or buy your tickets online

For information or to volunteer please call Viola B. @ 508-341-0689 or email or Craig at (978) 660-1176

More info about Wells State Park

Reserve a campsite


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