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Saturday Mar, 2, 2019

Conference call # 605-468-8028 #780643

Present: Evie, Crystal, Doris, Juliet, Theresa, Nancy No quorum once again

Opening Business Meeting: Chair opens the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Last Month’s Minutes: Accepted as corrected, Evie/Doris Approved unanimously

Group Service Representatives (GSR) Welcome and Update of Meetings:

  1. Chester (VT): formerly Ludlow 2 members; frustrated with lack of membership; questions about donating since they don’t pay rent; Juliet will email group answering their questions and will ask them what they need from us.

  2. Bennington (VT): 3-5 members, doing step-study at Step 6, some join by phone

  3. Northampton MA Northampton MA Women’s (Tuesday): Good attendance following move; 10-11, things going well.

  4. Westfield (MA): Up and down, 3-10, fairly consistent 7 people lately, starting an open step study using the 30 questions at 5:15

  5. Collinsville (CT): Averaging about 5 per week, also wants information on donation PO Box (152, Agawam 01001)

  6. Bristol (CT): No report

  7. Littleton (MA): No report

  8. Cape Ann MA: No report

  9. Marblehead MA :attendance averaging about 20; 6-8 newcomers coming regularly; starting an open step study group after the meeting

  10. Montpelier VT: No report

  11. Burlington VT: seems to have folded although still on website

Reports from Intergroup Trusted Servants:

Treasurer’s Report (Juliet):

Corrected financials as provided by Juliet after the meeting:

Beginning balance: $12,373.25​

Ending balance:$12,582.74

Taxes are underway; PayPal info is making it more confusing.

Motion: Approving the Financial as accepted and amended once Juliet provides the correct information. (Doris/Theresa) Approved unanimously

Bill from Hotel – Doris to pursue for Taxes

Communications Reports: N/R

Still feeling of disconnect with meetings /fellowship

Events Reports

New England Convention:

David is still researching hotels

Still no one who has stepped up to be co-chair.

Talk of it being in Connecticut but no new updates

Spring Assembly

To be held at Cooley-Dickenson Hospital in the Dakin Room on the 2nd floor.

We need to port everything in and out so will need the dolly.

Only microwave is 3 floors down.

Saturday, March 30

We have the room from 8-5pm

Workshop suggestions still needed.

Ted and Lauren will be asked to send out the flyer via Constant Contact

Outreach Reports


Delegates Report


Reports From Special Committees

  1. Mission Statement and By-Laws revision as place holders for review.

  2. Prudent reserve​

Motion: That we establish an ongoing prudent reserve that is equal to an average of the previous two years ongoing operational expenses or $6500, whichever is greater. (Evie/Doris)

Since no quorum this motion was tabled for discussion and vote at the Assembly.

Once we determine the prudent reserve we will then decide how to spend down the excess. Theresa is interested in being part of that committee. It was suggested that might be a way to re-establish the Outreach committee.

Old Business/ Unfinished Business and Special Orders


New Business

Consider electing Leo to Board; will be determined when new board is elected at Assembly.

Ted and Doris are up for re-election this year.

David and Juliet have one more year.

Adjournment of the Meeting at 10:07am

Next meeting will be held Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 9:00AM

Assembly will be held on March 30 at The Dakin Room, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, 30 Locust Street (Rte 9), Northampton, Massachusetts

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