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Connecticut Delegate Report for CoDA Service Conference

Download your copy here.

Connecticut Delegate Report for CoDA Service Conference (CSC) 2018

The full official report of actions taken at the Conference can be seen at the Web site:

New Literature now and soon to be available:

Note: CoRe is our literature distribution company and stands for CoDA Resource Publishing

“Toolkit for Relationships” (from Canada) available from CoRe

“Information for Professionals” (from Outreach) available on website

“Your First Meeting" (from Outreach) available on website

“Traditionally Speaking: Finding Solutions” (from Literature) will be available as a booklet from CoRe

“CoDA Prayers” (from Literature) will be available as small booklet from CoRE


The Twelve Step and Twelve Traditions Workbook is now spiral bound for greater ease of use.


“Que Ser Sentimientos (What are Feelings) was accepted as a service material tobe available and downloadable from CoDA website (in Spanish). Looking to be translated to English.

“The Twelve Tips for Sponsors” Service Item (Northern California CoDA) to be available on Web site.

“30 Questions” (a way of working the first three steps) Service Item (NorthernCalifornia CoDA) to be available on Web site.

Modifications to the Welcome

Motion Number: 18100 That in both versions of the Welcome to change "family systems" to "families and

other systems." This will need to be updated in the Welcome used in our meetings.

Board Motions

Motion Number: 18001 Motion #1 Definition of World Standing Committee:

Has a minimum of 3 active members, meets at least every other month, posts updated Policy and Procedures in an area accessible to the fellowship along with its corrected meeting minutes.

Motion Number: 18003

Motion #3 Grounds for removal of a member from a World Standing Committee or from the CoDA Board of Trustees by members of the committee or the board.

Stating the grounds for removal, the process of informing the member of the agenda for removal and reason, as well as the process for disputing the removal.

Motion Number: 18004

Motion #4 Amend last year’s motion #17031 to continue to simplify implementation of proposed committee and/or board changes to their description in the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM).

Motion Number:18005

Motion #5 The 1990 policy that allowed use of outside literature at CoDA meetings was modified somewhat. Although outside literature can still be used the meeting must state this fact. CSCCiting tradition four: Each group should remain autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or CoDA as a whole.

CoDA literature includes CSC-endorsed literature as well as that written by members of the fellowship and approved by their Voting Entity. Many Voting Entities (for example, N. California, Germany, Canada, Colombia, Australia, Japan) have created CoDA literature that they distribute within their communities. The literature on Voting Entities sites may be copied and used at meetings or for personal use by any CoDA group or member.

We strongly urge members to use CoDA literature per tradition one: Our Common welfare should come first: personal recovery depends up CoDA unity. Much of our financial support comes from the sale of CoDA literature. Since 1990 we have generated more literature directed toward our codependent behaviors.


Motion Number: 18007

Motion #1 Added an anti-bullying policy to the FSM Part 1 Section 3 Communication within CoDA.

Service Structure Committee

Motion Number: 18009 Motion #2 Added a glossary to the FSM as well as other textual changes Motion Number: 18010

Motion #3 Two Board decisions were overturned since they violate the Bylaws and FSM.

Issues and Mediation Committee

Motion Number: 18011

Motion #1 Replace 3 sections on the CSC Travel Reimbursement Opportunity (TRO).

Motion Number: 18012

Motion #2 Clarified that VE (Voting Entity) Issues should be submitted to on special VEI form not on the CSC motion form

Motion Number: 18013

Motion #3 Revised the process for submitting and responding to Voting Entity Issues

Motion Number: 18014

Motion #4 Modify the TRO process to remove the Events committee from the process. TRO requests are managed by the Issues Mediation Committee (IMC) and the Finance Committee

Finance Committee

Motion Number: 18015 Motion #1 Revised Expense Reimbursement Policy Motion Number: 18016 Motion #2 Revised Expense Reimbursement Approval Procedure (ERAP)

Communication Committee

Motion Number: 18017

Motion #1 The committee is authorized to convene a subsequently self-governing ad-hoc committee comprised of fellowship members to evaluate the current structure of World Services, considering the boundaries between the Fellowship and Corporation. A report and possible motions will be presented at the 2019 CSC.

Events Committee

Motion Number: 18018

Motion #1 To have the CSC and ICC (International CoDA Convention) to run consecutively rather than concurrently.

Motion Number 18052:

The CoDA Events Committee will have a three year trial period to organize financially self-supporting CoDA events separate from the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) and International CoDA Convention (ICC) and the world CoDA budget in coordination with local Fellowship communities.

Translation Management Committee

Motion Number: 18020

Motion #1 The use of Anonymity when doing business for CoDA. The following statement to be included in the FSM (placement to be determined) and Tradition Eleven in the 12 Steps and 12 Tradition Workbook, the last sentence of the first paragraph on page 151.

It is not a break of Anonymity to use or sign your last name on documents and/or contracts necessary for doing business with and/or for CoDA Inc. Including protection of CoDA’s intellectual property rights. Signing a legal document for a piece of literature is not the same as signing the literature. Legal documents are held confidentially in the legal repository accessible only by the Board and responsible chairs except when used for court procedures.

Download your copy here.


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