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Minutes of the November 3, 2018 Board Meeting

Present were Juliet, Theresa, Evie, Nancy, Leo, Terry, Crystal

1. Opening Business Meeting: Chair opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

2. Last Month’s Minutes.

September Minutes were accepted as corrected. Table Fall Assembly minutes –

3. Group Service Representatives (GSR) Welcome and Update of Meetings:Bennington: 3 core members, 2 visitors last week. Very happy with that. Northampton Tuesday: College Church, Room 1, 58R Pomeroy TerraceWestfield: good attendance, step study discussion meeting.

Bristol: doing well. Averaging between 4 and 10 people. A couple of newcomers seem to be sticking. core 5-6 Collinsville/Torrington: Averaging about 4 people. Core of 3 Marblehead: Still strong, a few new people coming regularly. 20-35 people per meeting.

several newcomers Nashua


4. Reports from Intergroup Trusted Servants:

A. Treasurer’s Report (Juliet)

October Balance to start: $10,904.53

Income: 185.00

Disbursements:377.74 End of Month Balance: 10,711.29

Network Solutions issue: Regarding $39.99 from July, Juliet will contact Robb again to ask about it and ask him to deal with it and let me know.

missed it will have to catch next year. Can we unsubscribe to network Solutions now if not using

B. Reimbursement for Delegates – to be approved at Convention

1. Rob O. - Delegate MA - $1009.91

2. Evie S. – Delegate CT - $535.61

3. Crystal Z. – Delegate MA – $471.17

C. Constant Contact e-mails

D. Events Reports –

New England Convention:

all workshops filled. Everyone said they were going to do one is doing one. They all most full.

times scheduled

hope times accurate


Baskets – Still looking for more baskets


Evie has agreed to be the speaker for Saturday night.

Craig Men’s meeting

Eileen and Gay for womens Caf/th doing Friday Spirituality speaker Ken from Newburyport

Stephany pinch hitter from NY for – new to CoDA – but long term recovery in another 12 step program

2 people are doing the registration table. –

Convention Committee next time

thank yous

felt like alone hotel had wanted to be a part of – not happen meet in person board help w convention committee meetings following board meeting

Document what work / not work suggestion phone conference call outline for what happen for weekend communication no direction – list w dates put on website after convention

need help w playroom – David taking care

They need help with decorations and game room slot.

window between when workshops and dinner

contact David

Theresa will ask the raffle person to bring extra cans for the raffle as people bring raffle baskets as they come in. Meet the board TBA meet for dinner in hotel @5:30 to discuss convention etc in hotel restaurant

scholarships – no one will be turned away – make best donation can make

E. Outreach Reports

F. Delegates Report – Crystal - concern no one respond to condensation of and motions sent to Group contacts for meetings

Evie – conference went smoothly

Terry – group conscience works – good feeling throughout any suggestions how to get others involved

we can still use non-conference approved literature in meetings reinforce original policy – from 1990

particulars – should be available on website motions data base w report produced

can post or email post on NECoDA website

Literature will be sold at Convention to dwindle 4. Reports From Special Committees

5. Old Business

We are looking to write our mission statement. This is being rolled over to January.

6. New business

Change timing of “Fall Assembly”

set up deadline for meeting to step up

Assemblies should not be scheduled during conference. It is close to our convention. It should be moved to another month. Another board member stated that the board is doing its best to pick dates for the Assemblies based on service availability and hosting offers.

The next board meeting December will be at the close of convention at noon November 18 convention wrap up

Saturday December 1 @ 9 am January 5th @ 9 am


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