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CoDA Open Forum Schedule for 2018

The CoDA Board is supporting a monthly open forum (accessible online and by phone) for the CoDA fellowship. Any one in the CoDA fellowship may attend and ask questions.

Each session starts at 3PM Eastern Time. (Note: 3PM is the correct time.)

  • 6/30 How to Write a Voting Entity Issue; How to Get my Individual Voice Heard at the World Service Level

  • 7/28 Delegate/CoDA Service Conference Kickoff with our Voting Entity Liaison; How to Handle Conflict and Disagreements

  • 8/25 Service at All Levels, What is it?

  • 9/29Thirteenth Stepping, Crosstalk – Healthy Boundaries in Tense Situations

  • 10/27 How to Carry the Message – What’s Next!? What is Promotion vs. Attraction? Confidentiality vs Anonymity

  • 11/24 Gratitude Month – Exploring the Seventh Tradition in More Detail; Giving Back with my Experience, Strength and Hope

  • 12/29 Step Ten – Individual and Group Inventories in Review

Click here to download a printable schedule.

GSRs: Please distribute to your meetings!

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(480)409-7350 Conference ID: 95164014


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