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Minutes of the May 5, 2018 Board Meeting

Ted (Clerk), Suzann (New Haven), Sandy (Gloucester) , David (Pres.), Juliet, (Treas.) Rob (Webmaster/Pine Meadow), Doris (Board), Nancy (Bristol CT), Crystal (Westfiled)

1. Opening Business Meeting: Chair opens the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

2. Last Month’s Minutes: March Minutes approved as presented.

3. Group Service Representatives (GSR) Welcome and Update of Meetings:

New Haven (CT): Suzanne attendance down due to ACA convention

change format –

Milford CT. not on coda website can add to as news item

sat at 5pm ,

gsr to be added to teds list

Northampton (MA) Sunday 12 Step: 15-20 people newcomers coming and going

Marblehead/Cape Ann(MA): Theresa – going strong 20-30

sponsorship workshop sat may 19 marblehead 1-230 community room

forward to


Newburyport: 10-12

sponsoring Portsmouth convention

Bennington (VT): 3 people. hosted Spring Assembly

Nashua(NH): 7-8 people.


Northampton (MA) Tuesday women’s meeting: doing well

Torrington(CT): now Collinsville in Canton. – change time to 7-830 – approx. 8 people

Westfield (MA):

Worcester: 3 new members

Campfire connection

can use Agawam NECoDA P.O. Box for registration for Campfire

Pine meadow new Hartford – attendance low – needs help Friday 7:30-845

Bristol: going steady – 3 newcomers – 4-8

4. Reports from Intergroup Trusted Servants:

A. Treasurer’s Report(Juliet)

Balance : $ 11,368.12

Income: 197.54

Expenses: 1255.19

Ending balance: 10,310.47

Accepted as presented

Met with bookkeeper to finish taxes

B. Office Report/ Mailings(Kevin)

Vote was taken to eliminate office report/mailings line. All mailing information is on the website. People are being encouraged to join the Intergroup email listserv.

C. Communications Reports


paypal is working

test of electronic registration and payment for convention succeeded

payment and ask for refund – on completion of refund no charge to NECoDA

notification extra to pay with card

5.09 fee for .35 + 2.09%

build in fee next year – absorb transaction fee for this year

do need to pay someone to review before posting on the website?

integrate constant contact list w website

need work – outreach, sponsorship ,service positions need to be reviewed

looking for definitions or experiences

forum where others can post for online discussion –

D. Events Reports

New England Convention

Convention is booked into Sheraton in Portsmith NH. Theresa from the Marblehead group will be co-chair with David. The Northshore group is sponsoring the event.

David wants to schedule a date in May to visit the site.

Save the date flyer will be composed.

Hotel registration will be accessible via the website. Pay Pal and credit card payment are activated.

Logo / Slogan – 5 choices – to be done by June

getting active


Spring assembly will be April 21 in Bennington.

Need people to step up to be State (Voting Entity) Delegates for fall CSC

reaching out to others to pick up – include on invitation to Intergroup meeting

literature still substantial – bring to retreat in wildwood ask Pa if ok

willing to mail – order from Intergroup first

Will have Examples available w information

E. Outreach Reports

Any posting for the website should go to Rob the administrator. Any posting for general membership goes to David for Sprout.

F. Delegates Report

Hosting CSC 2020 - declined

Would NE individual groups like to underwrite “volunteers”

still do not have manpower


4. Reports From Special Committees

Chair asks active committees to make reports and may give the committee the floor.

(i.e. Convention Committee, Finance Committee or Mediation Committee, etc.)

5. Old Business/Unfinished Business and Special Orders

6. New Business

7. Adjournment of the Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 10.09

Next meeting: June 2, 9am

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