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Minutes of the April 7, 2018 Board Meeting

Present: Ted (Clerk), Suzann (New Haven), Sandy (Gloucester) , David (Pres.), Juliet, (Treas.)Rob (Littleton), Doris (Board), Nancy (Bristol CT), Crystal (Westfiled)

1. Opening Business Meeting: Chair opens the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

2. Last Month’s Minutes: March Minutes approved as presented.

3. Group Service Representatives (GSR) Welcome and Update of Meetings:

  • New Haven (CT): doing well, 15-16 people steady attendance. Time: Sunday at 7PM. Meeting getting people from other area 12 step groups.

  • Northampton (MA) Sunday 12 Step: steady attendance at 15-20.

  • Marblehead/Cape Ann(MA): 12-25 people attending, 7-10 people at the step meeting. A women’s group will be beginning in Beverly May 1.

  • Marblehead/ Newburyport: 2 meetings ongoing with sponsorship initiative.

  • Bennington (VT): 3 people. Weather has been a real problem.

  • Nashua(NH): 7-8 people. Old timers decided to cut back to a once a month meeting.

  • Littleton(MA): 10 people. Meeting Saturday 9-11 AM. Step study meeting held afterwards is drawing 6-7 people.

  • Northampton (MA) Tuesday women’s meeting: great attendance, 10 or so coming.

  • Torrington(CT): Torrington meeting will be moving to Collinsville in Canton. 3 to 4 attending.

  • Westfield (MA): strong group of 7-10 attending.

4. Reports from Intergroup Trusted Servants:

A. Treasurer’s Report(Juliet)

Balance : $10,855.59

7thTradition donations: $617.72

Expenses: $105.19

Ending balance: $11,368.12

Accepted as presented

B. Office Report/ Mailings(Kevin)

Vote was taken to eliminate office report/mailings line. All mailing information is on the website. People are being encouraged to join the Intergroup email listserv.

C. Communications Reports


Website Committee will be held April 14 via conference call. Ted will put out mail blast for the meeting.

Discussion was held regarding the need for a website administrator: to integrate all the website functions, keep the site renewed and up to date; all communications should be narrowed to one person in charge, to review any changes and make certain traditions are being followed.

Should this position be a paid one? There might be too much work for a volunteer to maintain.

D. Events Reports

New England Convention

Convention is booked into Sheraton in Portsmith NH. Theresa from the Marblehead group will be co-chair with David. The Northshore group is sponsoring the event.

David wants to schedule a date in May to visit the site.

Save the date flyer will be composed.

Hotel registration will be accessible vis the website. Pay Pal and credit card payment will be activated.


Spring assembly will be April 21 in Bennington. Literature will be available for sale.

E. Outreach Reports

Any posting for the website should go to Rob the administrator. Any posting for general membership goes to David for Sprout.

F. Delegates Report


4. Reports From Special Committees

Chair asks active committees to make reports and may give the committee the floor. (i.e. Convention Committee, Finance Committee or Mediation Committee, etc.)

5. Old Business/Unfinished Business and Special Orders

The website wix address wil cost $130.00/yr.

6. New Business

Vote was taken to pay Rob a one- time payment of $1,000.00 for his work on the website.

Ted/Doris 2nd.

7. Adjournment of the Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 10:27

Next meeting: May 5, 2018 9:00 AM

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