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Minutes of the March 3, 2018 Board Meeting

Present: David, Terri, Crystal, Nancy, Doris, Susan, Theresa, Ted

1. Opening Business Meeting: Chair opens the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

2. Last Month’s Minutes: Correction made regarding title of John Gray’s book being used at Westfield meeting.

3. Group Service Representatives (GSR) Welcome and Update of Meetings:

Westfield MA: attendance is good.

Marblehead MA: Sponsorship activity ongoing for one hour after the regular meeting. Group expressed an interest in hosting the conference in 2019.

Sunday Northampton MA: strong attendance, many newcomers

Tuesday Northampton MA Women’s: attendance good

Bristol CT: 2 people attending. May have to disband 2ndBristol meeting.

Torrington CT: working on moving the meeting to a different location.

Bennington VT: 3 people attending. Newcomer returning.

Westville (CT): 32ndanniversary party held. Lots of newcomers. New GSR:

Lexington MA.: down to 4 people

Jamaica Plain MA: 10-12 people each meeting

Worcester MA.: 5 newcomers.

4. Reports from Intergroup Trusted Servants:

  1. Treasurers Report:

balance as presented.

There were problems with 7thtradition donations getting to Juliet. The Littleton post office was not forwarding mail to the Agawam PO Box.

Met with our new accountant. Charging $35/hr. He estimates needing 6 hours to complete the audits.

  1. Office Report/ Mailings N/R

C. Communications Reports

Next Website group meeting will be April 14 via the conference call #.

605-468-8028 #780643

D. Events Reports

New England Convention

To be held at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in November.

Final numbers on rates will be negotiated.


Bennington Spring Assembly (April 21) flyer is on the website and has been emailed to all GSRs and contact persons.

Campfire Connection

Worcester meeting is good to go hosting the Campfire Connection.

E. Outreach Reports


F. Delegates Report


4. Reports From Special Committees


5. Old Business/Unfinished Business and Special Orders

David is taking emails coming into the website. Also putting meeting anniversary information in the site.

6. New Business

  1. On the advice of the accountant, NECoDA will no longer sell literature at the convention. We would need to be collecting Massachusetts sales tax on sales which would be an unwieldy process for the group. We will display a sample of available literature and give out order forms.

  2. Communications: How can the group coordinate the various contact information and mailing lists we have? Ted, Juliet and David each deal with a portion of the information, and Rob is doing the website. We need to figure out a means to consolidate the flow for one person to manage and direct information to Constant Contact.

  3. Website: Forward suggestions on the website to Rob. We will purchase a WIX subscription for website address.

7. Adjournment of the Meeting

Next meeting will be April 7, 2018

Meeting adjourned 10:33 AM

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