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Minutes from the February Board Meeting

Present: Doris-Board, Ted-Clerk, Sandy-Cape Ann, Terri-CT. Delegate, Mary-Saugus, Rob, Juliet-Treas., Crystal. MA Delegate, Nancy-CT Delegate

1. Opening Business Meeting: Chair opens the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

2. Last Month’s Minutes: Chair asks if corrections need to be made: none, minutes accepted as read (no motion needed).

3. Group Service Representatives (GSR) Welcome and Update of Meetings:

Westfield MA.- Good attendance. Used John Gray’s “Feeling Better” for a workshop.

Bristol CT.- Sparce attendance; 6-8 on Weds., Tues. noon-2.

Marblehead MA.- 20-30 people. Use a group inventory for each business meeting, which can be delicate for some people. Questions: 1. Is there a communications flow from National to Intergroup? 2. What does Intergroup do to communicate with regional groups?

Cape Ann MA.- 3-15 attending. At the Anniversary meeting no one from Intergroup showed up or communicated congratulations. In October did a presentation on sponsorship. The group will use the Australian model.

Bennington VT. – 1 newcomer.

New Hartford CT.- 4 attending.

Northampton MA. Sunday- 10-15 regularly.

Northampton MA. Women’s meeting Tuesday- healthy attendance.

Torrington CT. 3-4 people. Still experiencing access problems.

Worcester MA.- 8-10 attending

Saugus MA.-5-6 attending, newcomers showing up. Two men are attending. Reading the Steps every week. Meeting time: 6-7:15.

4. Reports from Intergroup Trusted Servants:

A. Treasurer’s Report (Juliet)

Beginning balance: $11,066.97

Disbursements: $145.19

Ending balance: $10,921.78

February 20 there will be a meeting with an accountant regarding our taxes, etc.

B. Office Report/ Mailings (Kevin)

There has been some confusion about the mailing address for Intergroup. It is

P.O. Box 152

Agawam, MA. 01001

C. Communications Reports


There will be a phone meeting on revising the website Saturday February 24.

Rob needs feedback. Intergroup Board minutes will be able to be on the website. The site will be geared for newcomers and ease of access. ETC.

D. Events Reports

Spring Assembly will be held in Bennington VT. April 21, 9: 30 -3:30. Flyer is out.

E. Outreach Reports


F. Delegates Report


4. Reports From Special Committees

5. Old Business/ Unfinished Business and Special Orders

6. New Business

7. Adjournment of the Meeting

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